Hi. I’m Liz Tuckwell and I’m a writer of quirky fantasy, horror and science fiction stories. I left the world of work several years ago and now I spend my time writing stories (and going on holiday).

I’ve published three collections of short stories and have had several stories published in anthologies and a few published as stand alone stories or novellas .

For more information about my fiction, please take a look at my Publications page. https://www.liztuckwell.co.uk/Publications

I originally published my collections under the pen name of Anne Wrightwell but I’ve now decided for various reasons to use my real name of Liz Tuckwell for all of my writing and Anne Wrightwell for Austenesque fiction.

I’m explaining this in case you visit the Goodreads website, which confusingly has both Anne Wrightwell and Liz Tuckwell listed as the authors for Quirky Christmas Stories and Fantastic Flash Fiction. This is due to how Goodreads works. If you change the title or the author of a book on Goodreads after you’ve added it there, it will remain forever.

If you’re interested in my Austenesque fiction, please visit https://www.annewrightwell.co.uk

I can be contacted via this website (see Contact page) or by Twitter https://www.twitter.com/@liztuckwell1 or on Facebook https://www.facebook/LizTuckwell1Author.

Or take a look at my author page on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Liz-Tuckwell/e/B00AMQ0RDW or my author page on Smashwords https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ElizaHybrid