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Liz Tuckwell

I’m a writer of quirky fantasy, horror and science fiction stories. I’m also a voracious reader.

I’ve been writing seriously for about seven years now, and have taken a variety of courses to help me improve my craft.

I’ve written a number of stories, some of which have been published in anthologies and magazines. I’ve also published three collections of short stories. Please take a look at my Publications page for more information. https://www.liztuckwell.co.uk/Publications

I have loved books since an early age and I remember my weekends being spent going to the local library and choosing my books. We used to have do a composition in English at my primary school – “What I did at the weekend”. I’m afraid my composition only too often featured my trip to the library and my book choices . 

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I won a prize for English in the sixth year at my secondary school. My first novel was called The Adventures of Emma and was scribbled in a second-hand notebook. Sadly, this gem of literature was lost to the world when my father had a clear out while I was away studying for a degree at polytechnic. He claimed it was an accident.

I stopped writing for a long time after my degree. Work, buying a house and all the other responsibilities of adulthood took up my time. I didn’t write again until I started working part-time and heard a session at the Ideal Home Show about Following Your Dreams. The speaker’s dream was owning and operating a smoking house but the message was clear. Do what you love. So, I started writing again and attending courses. The rest is history….

I’m an identical twin so, I have a twin sister. I’m always fairly critical of the portrayal of twins in books and films. It seems to me that writers usually take the easy way out and go for the good twin/bad twin scenario. I’m sure there are twins who hate each other’s guts but I’m equally sure that there are plenty of twins who love each other. I’ve written a couple of sword and sorcery stories about a pair of twin sisters (not yet published) but no other stories featuring twins. Perhaps that’s something I should try some time with my specialist expertise.

Another of my interests is invented languages. That doesn’t mean Klingon or Dothraki but auxillary international languages or IALs for short such as Esperanto and Interlingua etc. They were invented with the idea that people would only have to learn one extra language to be able to speak to anybody in the world. I think my interest sparked from reading science fiction stories when I was a teenager. Quite a few of them mentioned Esperanto as well as Interlingua and Basic English. Harry Harrison who wrote the Stainless Steel Rat series (amongst others) was an Esperantist). I’m currently learning Esperanto. And just to prove it, here are a couple of phrases.

Bonvenon al mia retpago. Mi esperas ke vi guias legi ĝin!

Welcome to my webpage. I hope you enjoy reading it!