Latest News End June 2023

My latest news is that I have a story in another publication! My story “The Baby Machine” is in Flash!Mob: Into the Future: A Collection of Tiny Stories Written and Published in a Week published by Sixth Element Publishing.

I was emailed by Gillie Hatton, who runs Sixth Element Publishing who I’ve worked with before. She asked me if I wanted to write a 300 word story for this anthology. I only had two days to do it in. Actually, I wrote it in about two hours. So, I think I can claim it as my quickest story ever!

Sixth Element published this book in a week as part of the Teesside TechNExt Festival Fringe.

Flash!Mob: Into the Future is a collection of flash fiction stories where authors ┬áhad the brief of Go Wild With The What Ifs. They looked at current day emerging tech and came up with some wild and wonderful 300 word stories on what could go wrong, what could go right, what could be just around the corner…

All proceeds go to develop writing in the Teeside area.

Latest News About Submissions May 2023

My latest news is good news. I’ve had three submissions recently accepted for publication.

The first is my short horror story, “The Collector” has been accepted for Harvey Duckman Presents Volume 13 (unofficially known as the Teddy Bear Edition). This volume will hopefully be published in June 2023.

The second is I’ve had three science fiction haikus accepted for Eccentric Orbits Volume 4, an anthology of SF poetry. This too should be coming out in June 2023. It’s my first time of submitting SF poetry so I’m very thrilled at the success of my first attempt. I’m really looking forward to seeing my poems in print.

And the third is my short story, “Blueberries” has been accepted for the “Mineral, Vegetable & Animal” edition of the online magazine, Sein Und Werden. This too should be out in a couple of months.

Naturally, I’m pleased and delighted that my submissions are doing so well. I actually submitted five pieces recently. That doesn’t include the teddy bear story by the way. A success rate of two out of five submissions is pretty good. I had one story rejected. The editor liked the story but didn’t want a fairy tale. Since I also submitted another fairy tale to him, I’m pretty pessimistic about the outcome. However, I’m still waiting to hear about the other one. Fingers crossed!