Quirky Christmas Stories

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Quirky Christmas Stories is a collection of short stories themed around Christmas written by myself and my friend Rose Bishop. We took a weekend trip to Southwold on the north Suffolk coast which inspired us to start writing. We noticed how quiet and creepy the town seemed at night and challenged each other to write a story. We wrote very different stories! From there, we decided to try our hand at writing a collection of stories and this collection was the result.

Many but not all the stories feature “Christmas” in the title. All of my stories are fantasy and about 50% of the titles include “Christmas” . Rose’s stories vary from comic to memoir to historical.


Our trip to Southmold inspired the first two stories, ‘Christmas in Northmold’ and ‘Christmas by the Seaside’.

A scene from a Batman film inspired “When the Elves stole Christmas”.

“Mother Christmas” was inspired by my writing a gender swapped version of Pride and Prejudice under my pen name, Anne Wrightwell, Pride and Prejudice: The Other Way Round.

“Christmas Tree Barbie” was inspired by the Sindy dolls I had as a child (the British competition to Barbies) and by my looking at the angels on Christmas Trees and wondering if anyone had ever used a Barbie.

A childhood Christmas inspired Rose’s story “Christmas 1959”.

Original Publication

It was originally published as The Little Book of Quirky Christmas Stories by Anne Wrightwell and Rose Bishop with a different cover. However, sometime later, I took the decision to use my real name for all of my writing projects except for my Pride and Prejudice fiction as mentioned on my home page. We also decided to change the title for something shorter and snappier so, a new cover was needed. I hope you like it.